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XX Author: Michelle

The Family Circus

It wasn’t until I had children of my own that I really started to wonder if we are born with our particular personalities or if they are influenced more by the family and environment in which we are raised.  There are plenty of studies involving identical twins which try and answer this exact question, and of course the answer is probably that both our genetics and environment shape us.  But in my case, and in the case of my own children I specifically find myself questioning what on earth is going on in our gene pool. Growing up, my...

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Mummy Mojo

So I dug around in the bottom of my handbag, and what do you know I found it!  Granted it was hidden deep in the bottom dark corner of the inside lining, all scrunched up under a pile of dirty tissues, covered in stray sultanas and looking like it hasn’t seen the light of day in ages but hey like I said I found it.  A quick shake off, a bit of lippy and it’s all systems go. My mummy-mojo is back baby so stand aside! I’m not sure who’s standing aside exactly, but you get my drift.  Sick...

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Dancing On The Ceiling

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, and the reasons aren’t exactly succinct.  I can sense a real bewilderment in my own mindset, I’m struggling to focus.  I find myself going through the daily grind, shaking my head and rubbing my furrowed brow at my complete inability to achieve anything outside of what I call the “ho-hum Mum” stuff.  I’m not unhappy, maybe a little frustrated, okay a lot frustrated, but I feel like I’ve been catapulted back to the 1950’s and I can’t find the secret door back to the future. My eldest daughter Miss...

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Kids, Eat Your Broccoli

My eldest Miss S and I recently had coffee with a friend and her four year old daughter.  At some point in the conversation, she remarked that her daughter now insists they pronounce broccoli the same way we do.  Apparently we pronounce it broccol-eye whereas they pronounce it broccol-y.  Naturally, presuming my pronunciation was correct I didn’t think much of the observation, and passed it off as another mildly humorous example of how pint sized daughters correct their mothers with oversized insistence. A few days later, doubt crept in.  Was it actually my pronunciation that was incorrect, or perhaps...

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The Divorce Maker

I’ve always enjoyed the Ikea experience, some people hate it with a passion and I can understand why.  I mean it’s seemingly never-ending, thoroughly overcrowded and mostly full of crap you’re not there to purchase.  And no matter how hard you try, and for even the most efficient shopper, you can never just zip through.  Once you’re in there, you’re caught in a perfectly styled storage mecca trap, and you must shuffle through every section with seemingly millions of other helpless shoppers and disgruntled husbands.  On my most recent visit, I kept passing by this couple where the man...

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